How does it work?

Online discounts

Discounts are available on a wide range of websites. In some cases you will need to quote a discount code when you checkout, while in other cases you will be directed to a site which has already had a discount applied. Instructions are shown each time you access an offer.

Reloadable gift cards

Save money on everyday shopping by purchasing discounted gift cards for your favourite stores. The gift cards will be sent to you by post and you can then top them up with a credit or debit card, by phone or online. The discount applies every time you top up, so for every £10 you top up you’ll receive more than £10 on your gift card.

Discounted gift vouchers

Save money on traditional gift vouchers by buying them at a discount to face value. We recommend ordering several vouchers at once or combining your order with reloadable gift cards, to get best value from the postage.

Downloadable vouchers

Some of our suppliers provide downloadable vouchers, which you can print from your account. Downloadable vouchers are most often used for leisure activities, such as theme parks and days out.


We’ve teamed up with TopCashback to provide you with access to some fantastic cashback offers. Simply register with TopCashback through Wider Wallet, then search for your chosen retailer on the TopCashback website and shop online in your normal way. Your cashback will be credited to your TopCashback account and you’ll also receive a £5 introductory bonus for registering through Wider Wallet.